Brands Are Moving Towards Being Purpose-Driven for 2024

As the dawn of 2024 breaks over Aotearoa, a rising tide of purpose-driven branding is reshaping the business landscape. Businesses are no longer measured solely by their financial success; they’re being steered by a commitment to purposeful values and positive impact that resonates with consumers and communities alike. This significant shift is redefining what it means to be a successful brand in Aotearoa

Brands across the nation are deepening their roots in authenticity, inviting communities to connect not merely as staff or consumers but as integral partners aligned with shared visions and ideals. This earnest gravitation towards transparent and candid dialogues emanates from a compelling consumer demand for integrity, a notion affirmed by a robust 94% of individuals pledging loyalty to brands devoted to honesty and open communication.

The pursuit of purpose over mere profitability is an impressive 73% of the younger demographic actively seeking to invest in brands that mirror their environmental and societal values. Kiwi businesses are weaving environmental stewardship and social consciousness into the very fabric of their operations, finding a resonant harmony with the local ethos.

A significant majority of consumers—61%, to be precise—now insist on a brand experience that embodies cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, challenging businesses to truly embody Aotearoa New Zealand’s rich tapestry of cultures.

It is a pivotal moment for sustainability, which has transcended buzzword status to become a keystone of contemporary business practice in Aotearoa. Companies championing socially-sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives are not only aligning with public sentiment but are also witnessing tangible growth—a notable 4% increase in returns, testament to the country’s collective commitment to the wellbeing of future generations.

The story of New Zealand’s brands in 2024 is a compelling narrative steeped in community, environmental responsibility, and a celebration of our diverse cultures. Striking a delicate balance between the soothing minimalism that speaks to our natural landscapes and the dynamic innovation intrinsic to the Kiwi spirit, brands are redefining their storytelling, engaging and inspiring on a profound level.

Innovation remains a cornerstone of this transformation, as local brands are not content to simply minimise their impact. Instead, they’re adopting a regenerative stance, boldly experimenting and contributing positively to societal, economic and environmental regeneration, crafting a legacy of meaningful progress.

As businesses forge ahead into the expanse of 2024, the journey towards a deep-seated, authentic connection between brand and consumer will be marked by intentional, purposeful action. Rooted deeply in the fertile ground of socioeconomic authenticity, environmental integrity, and a ceaseless spirit of innovation, our nation’s brands will craft legacies that resonate with the vibrancy of today’s market demands. Those that steadfastly cling to these tenets will not just catch the eye—they’ll capture hearts and inspire minds, building bonds with communities and consumers that are as enduring as the very land we call home.

Purposeful business isn’t about fleeting encounters; it’s about meaningful engagements that blossom into relationships and shared stories, weaving together the past, present, and future. Kiwi brands will not only respond to a call but will also call forth a new dawn—a sustainable, inclusive, and purpose-filled future. It’s a future that we’re not just anticipating; we’re actively creating, side by side with consumers, cultures and communities who are no longer mere observers but are active participants in this shared journey of growth and purpose. Together, we’re charting a new narrative, one that promises a tomorrow as heartwarming and hopeful as the Kiwi spirit itself.



Ian Leader and Tom Newton-Smith

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