The Art of Reframing: When the Solution Isn’t the Product, But the Problem It Solves

Amid the sea of innovation and competition, Dot Two Dot stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to navigate the intricate world of market placement. We often encounter products brimming with potential, yet struggling to find their rightful place in consumers’ lives. The issue may not always be the product itself but the problem it’s perceived to solve. 

Understanding the Problem-Solution 

Before delving into the idea of reframing, it’s important to understand the ‘problem-solution fit’. This concept is grounded in identifying a genuine problem that your target demographic experiences and creating a product that offers a compelling solution. However, what if the problem you’ve identified isn’t resonating with your audience?

Identifying a New Angle

Sometimes, the key isn’t to revamp your product but to shift the angle of the problem it addresses. This is where Dot Two Dot’s expertise comes into play. Our strategic approach involves deeply understanding market trends, consumer behaviour, and the untapped needs of potential customers.

Reframing the Narrative

We begin the process by reassessing the product through fresh lenses. By conducting thorough research and engaging in creative brainstorming sessions, we uncover new problems that your product can solve—a process that can reignite interest and open up entirely new markets.

Case Studies and Market Research

To effectively reframe the problem, we look at similar products and case studies, analysing how they may have successfully changed direction. Market research is pivotal here—it provides insights into what consumers are currently interested in and the challenges they are looking to overcome.

Prototyping New Messaging

Rapid prototyping of new marketing messages and campaigns is a crucial step. This involves crafting stories and narratives around different problems your product can solve and testing them in controlled environments or through digital marketing A/B tests.

Feedback Loop and Consumer Insight

Gathering feedback is a continuous step throughout the process. Understanding whether the reframed problem strikes a chord with the audience helps in fine-tuning the marketing strategy, ensuring that the narrative resonates and converts.

Dot Two Dot’s Integrated Approach

As a full-service agency, we integrate this reframing strategy across all branding and marketing efforts. From revamped branding collateral to tailored digital marketing campaigns, every piece of customer communication is aligned with the newfound vision of your product.


Sometimes innovation isn’t about going back to the drawing board, but rather shifting the board to a new wall. Reframing the problem can breathe new life into your product, allowing it to shine in a market that’s constantly seeking novel solutions. With Dot Two Dot’s seasoned acumen, your product won’t just meet market expectations—it will redefine them.

Ian Leader and Tom Newton-Smith

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